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In 1969, Rock Duo, Zager and Evans, released a hit song called In the Year 2525. It was a song that was added to many car karaoke lists of my generation. It was a great song to sing, and one with a message, like so many songs in the sixties had. It was explained that the message was that much of what was destroyed in our world and on our earth was humanity’s fault, but the world and the earth could be repaired by the same humanity that did the mess in the first place.

The song’s lyrics predicted what would, or at least could, happen in each of the years sung. I just liked it because it felt like a timeline of what could/would happen.

When I heard the song on the radio recently, it made me think of things in my life that not necessarily could or would happen, but actually did happen. So with my thanks to Zager and Evans, their creativity in their hit song and singing the way they sang it, I look back and remember what happened as I celebrate my 69th birthday today. on this planet.

(Google or You Tube the video and use the melody of In the Year 2525 with the statements below)

In the year 1953 I came true, a Thursday was the day of my birth, which started my life on this earth

In 1958, kindergarten was pretty cool, St. James was the name of my school, overall it was pretty cool

In 1961 my parents celebrated another son, who is no longer the youngest Lombardo, I really loved my new little brother

In 1963 I started baseball which made me happy I was a catcher which I loved so much until a player hit me and made me ring the bell

1969 was a mixed year for me, I started officiating, I started high school too, but I said goodbye to St. James, boo-hoo

In 1970 I got my driver’s license Yippee I only had the car for an hour a day but it was still great all the way

In 1971 I had a lot of fun, I graduated from high school that year, I started college leading to my career

In 1973 I finished my time at JCC, I moved to Fredonia SUNY, for a teaching degree

In 1975, the university was over so quickly, the living man, the time had come to face the conflicts, the time to work the next 40 years of life

In 1977 I got a full time teaching job and I was in heaven I started first grade at Fletcher school man that was so cool

In 1979 I met Sally and she said she would be mine, we planned our wedding for the year after, it wasn’t a better place than where I was

In 1980 we said “I do it” and it was great, all four of us took a few tweaks but got through it without too much trouble

In 1988 an addition to the family came that we thought was awesome, Jonathan Jacob Lombardo joined our crew, he arrived here safely, but two weeks late

In 1990 the JHS baseball team exploded pretty high, I coached a great team of young men, who reached the United States and had a great time when

In 2008 I retired after a great career, 31 years in classes I called my own, so many great kids, so many good times

In 2013 I coached the women’s softball team to sectional victory, advanced just one run, one step away from the United States, those girls I coached were really awesome

In 2016 I watched the tribe go as far as I’ve seen, witnessed games I never thought I’d see, it was a massive thrill for me

In 2019 I went to the all-star game, where I had never been, I shared the week with Jon, my son, I never wanted that to happen

In 2021 I went to Cleveland for something else I’ve never done I gotta be there for the NFL Draft another bucket list item scratched off the back

It is now the year 2022, and I am grateful for each and every one of you, you have blessed me with a beautiful life, especially my children and my wife. Wo-a-wo.

Like me as I was writing this, I bet you tried to sing this remake of Z and E, and you were watching this little song today from The Bullpen, thank you all for making this 69 (which I celebrate today at the baptism of my beautiful granddaughter, Olivia) a wonderful ride. Thank you, Zager and Evans, for letting me borrow, and/or butcher, one of your finest creations to make this story possible.

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